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Population Center Events: Overview

In addition to our online Calendar, the Population Center recommends the following sites to stay current with related events:

Upcoming Events:

The Berkeley Population Center will once again host an interdisciplinary conference in 2012-2013. Stay tuned for details.

Ongoing Events:

Demography Brown Bag Series

Bay Area Colloquium in Population (BACPOP) Series

Weekly Economics Seminars

Agricultural & Resource Economics seminars

Graduate Council Lecture Series

School of Public Health Events

Institute for International Studies

Community Innovation Lecture Series School of Environmental Design


Past Events:

Friday, June 8, 2012: Mini-conference on Education, co-sponsored with UCLA's California Center for Population Research on Education. Featuring Michael Hout, Jesse Rothstein, Robert Mare and Adriana Lleras-Muney. To be held at the UC Berkeley Men's Faculty Club. RSVP to Leora Lawton (popcenter@demog.berkeley.edu) by June 4.

Formal Method Mini-conference, June 7, 2010: Co-sponsored with UCLA's California Center for Population Research. Download Sam Clark's presentation: Exploring Age Patterns of Mortality: Examples with Data from INDEPTH & HMD with David Sharrow, Momodou Jasseh, Sureeporn Punpuing, Eliya Zulu, Ayaga Bawah, Osman Sankoh.
Download Ken Wachter's presentation "Alleles for Longevity"

Biodemography miniconference, UCLA, June 4, 2009: Co-sponsored with UCLA's California Center for Population Research. Survey Research and Public Opinion Miniconference, Berkeley, CA June 11, 2009. Co-sponsored by BPC with PAPOR, the Pacific Association of Public Opinion Research.

Presentation on Research Microdata Resources,
sponsored by Berkeley's Census Research Data Center: September 22-23, 2008

Demography graduate student applies her knowledge to the 2008 election: On Sunday November 2nd, Sarah K. Cowan, a doctoral student in the Graduate Group in Sociology & Demography, had some of her findings published in the New York Times as an Op-Art piece on Sunday, November 2, 2008. The piece will demonstrate how American law and demography result in votes having different levels of influence on the Presidential election. Visit Sarah Cowan's website.

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