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Population Center Researchers and Postdoctoral Scholars

In the 2014-2015 year there are a number of postdoctoral scholars and other researchers on campus affiliated with the Berkeley Population Center and are active in pursuing population-based research and presenting their research to audiences at UC Berkeley and elsewhere. These are:

Dan Acland
Claudia Haase
Sandra McCoy

Dan Acland is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Public Policy. His interests span behavioral economic theory and policy analysis. Past research includes field-experimental tests of economic models of habit formation, self control, and subjects ability to predict their future tastes and choices. Current research interests are in the behavioral-economic dimensions of cost-benefit analysis.

identifying mechanisms for behavior change.

Claudia Haase is a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley working with Robert W. Levenson at the Institute of Personality and Social Research. She is interested in successful development across the life span. She has examined a broad range of predictors of successful development ranging from the macro-level (i.e., social change) to individual-level processes (i.e., emotion, motivation, and behavior) to the molecular (i.e., genetic polymorphisms). Moreover, she has studied a comprehensive range of outcomes of successful development ranging from well-being and health to career success and marital satisfaction. A central assumption guiding her work is that the range of motivational, emotional, behavioral, and genetic factors that promote successful development may be wider than we think. What may be harmful in one context may be beneficial in another.

Sandra McCoy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health. Her work focuses on the prevention and control of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, women's economic empowerment, multi-sectoral approaches to health and impact evaluation and implementation science.



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